Sunday, May 24, 2009

Taking Time Off

This weekend one of the first friends I made in the USA is celebrating her only child's graduation from HS. Wow! We knew each other before children, before many moves, before life happened and more. For a time, we were unable to see each other due to busy lives and lack of proximity. But a recent move back to the South, has given us a new opportunity to rekindle our friendship. 

Our husbands get along beautifully and our children (my daughter and her son) have grown beyond the *ooh that baby is so annoying to me* stage to genuinely liking each other. Last night we attended his graduation party. The Weather Gods were kind and rain didn't fall on us during the outdoor event. It was a wonderful celebration of a passage into a new life.

My DH said it was like stepping into a time machine as we hadn't been able to visit them more than twice while we were in DC for the 9 years we lived in the Nation's Cap. Well, now all the friends are older, her father is slowed by stroke, nieces and nephews are ready to bolt into the world as well, and we're all a little chubbier and a whole lot more responsible than we were back in the day.

We reminisced, we sang, we danced (live band), we ate, we drank wine, we watched a montage of the grad's life. We celebrated!

My husband and I, my friend and her husband--we are transitioning into a quieter time and approaching the twilight of our lives. But our children, they are ready to embrace the very exciting beginning of their future! Their suns are at the zenith. Anything is possible--yes anything even in this day of economic turmoil, war, and looming reports of global warming. 

I am optimistic for them. For when we started out on our journeys, we were dealing with recession, inflation, wars, and looming reports of global COOLING! 

We survived. We thrived. But we are no longer cocky about why we are still standing. For in the memories we share we know of lost souls due to alcoholism & drug abuse, and of departed loved ones due to accident or disease through no fault of their own, and we know that we are the lucky ones. 

Yes we worked hard, but we have also had our own share of troubles and bad times.  But we celebrate each victory, large or small because we appreciate the sheer power of the universe in our blessings. 

And we know when we wake up each and every morning, we have the divine opportunity to choose how we live during that day. Will we strive to make our world a better place and still shoot for the moon? Will we strive to be a blessing and an encouragement to others? Will we strive to give thanks for all we have? And will we strive to be happy and optimistic and hopeful even in our darkest hours?

We may not always succeed perfectly, but it is in our striving to land in on the moon that we continue fly among the stars.

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