Friday, May 15, 2009

Header Challenged

Yesterday I worked to perfect my Reveal Your Inner Vixen entry. I redid the entire love scene and tried desperately to make it less cliche and richer with emotional elements. Three hours of work! Thank goodness I didn't have to worry about the header being perfect throughout the documents as I could submit them in a folder via attachment. I hope I do okay in this contest. But at best, I'd like some feedback about the scene. It's a pivotal one.

I just watched a recap of a show where HQN romance was featured. Woohoo! Apparently their sales are up 32%. That's good. Recessions hit a lot of industries, but romance sells. Why? Because it transports us out of the problems we're facing and sends us to exciting locales where gorgeous men and women fall in love and live happily ever after. Who needs more angst today?Not me! I love happy endings.

I just finished my WILD & HEXY by Vicki Lewis Thompson. What a fun read. And it had a very happy ending. Yay! Now I get to read Christy Reece's first published book, RESCUE ME. I can't wait to crack the spine.

Meanwhile, now that I am done entering contests for a few months, I must revise my 3rd book and get it ready for pitching at the National Conference. I dug into the love scene a lot and need to transport that over to Scrivener (still a pet peeve, but I love the program so it's worth the extra steps of importing and exporting docs).

Goals for next week are:

*survive recital weekend in one piece
*revise every day
*shoot for 5 chapters revised by Friday, 3PM (approximately 3 scenes per chapter)
*work on web site 
*brainstorm tag  lines for web site and business card

General Goals:

*ask a published author with pseudonym about how to structure the business card
*go to HOD meeting
*go to SM meeting with Pitch session
*work on pitch
*research editor and agent backgrounds in depth
*take PRO class about Pitching starting Mid-June

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