Monday, November 19, 2012

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

I know I've been a little erratic with posting new blogs, but that's because I've been super busy doing what I have to do to get published. Writing. Finishing the book. Sending the partial to the editor in England.

I'm nervous about it. Won't lie. Can't stand the idea of another "close, but no cigar" call or letter. But that's the nature of the beast. I can't worry about it right now. It's in her hands and now I wait.

You all must know by now that I'm not the most patient person in the world. Whenever I say that to my critique partner Pam Montovani she says, "You think?" Seriously I hate waiting. But this industry means you have to wait a lot.

So what's an impatient and nervous writer supposed to do? Well, I cleaned house. Heck, I've got company coming over for Thanksgiving. I need to clean the house because when I'm in writerly mode, nothing gets down but dinner and triage counter wipe downs. Oh, and laundry but I digress.

I'm sort of between books. I have to revise the full again, but there's no point in stressing about it unless the editor wants to see it. So in the meantime, I've been brainstorming a new story. She's a sculptor and he's a King of an imaginary country. There's all kinds of fun stuff happening and I'm enjoying the discovery phase of this story. Stay tuned for the details on my blog and....

On my website!!! I have a website!! I am so excited. It's not fancy. But it's just right for me where I am in my career. It's only the main page with links to this blog, my Facebook page and Twitter. There's also a contact link, too. I really love the colors, the design, the overall professional look of it. And the best part is I can always build on it as my career grows.

You can see my new website here. One day instead of my unpublished book blurbs, I'll have real books on there. I know it. One way or another, I will be published. I have a plan. I am being patient. I am getting my launch pad ready for take off.

So now you know my news. I'm nervously waiting to hear back from the editor about my partial, I have a new story brewing (which means I will attain my goal of writing two new category length books by the end of the year!), and I have a new website.

That's a lot to be grateful for and I am very thankful.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Dad

Today is my dad's birthday. I wrote a tribute to him two years ago. You can read it here. I still miss him, but when people say that memories bring comfort, they're right. It's been over ten years since he passed away, but I think about him a lot. I even have dreams about him where he's alive and strong and enjoying life. He would have been 85 today.

One of the greatest gifts he gave to me was a life of culture, art and reading across all the genres. I wonder what he would say today if he knew I had written 8 books (2 of which are under the bed) and am close to realizing my dream of publication? I know he didn't think it was possible ten years ago. He thought it was too late. And he said so to me with regret. He knew deep down that I was born to be a writer, but life and circumstances had conspired to keep me from attaining my true mission.

I even agreed with him.

I finished my first book two years later.

I can't stop writing now.

Writing is a part of who I am. I refuse to let the world stop me from being a writer. I don't have to be published to be a writer. I don't have to be a best seller to be a writer. I don't have to have anything but an idea and characters bouncing around my head to be a writer. At the end of the day, it's the writing and the completion of the manuscripts that makes me a writer.

I am a writer.

I think my Dad would be proud of me and all that I have accomplished. I think that he would have been fascinated by all my writing world connections. I can imagine him coming to an RWA National Conference and seeing me at the Literacy Signing and saying to anyone who will listen, "That's my daughter. She's a writer." But you know what else I can imagine? I can imagine him coming to my home and seeing all the writing books about craft in my bookshelves, the diagrams of plot and structure on my walls, the loads of files and books I've printed out that I've written. And I can imagine him saying "That's my daughter. She's a writer."

Thank you Dad for giving me a love of the creative process. For teaching me that it is in the pursuit of artistic perfection that we derive our joy.

Happy Birthday to you. May your Heaven's easels and paints bring you an eternity of that joy.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Southern Magic Readers Luncheon & Debut Novel Comment Winner

I am heading to Birmingham to attend the Southern Magic Readers Luncheon tomorrow. I'm bringing a basket filled with goodies and books to raffle. I can't wait to see who wins my basket. Check out the contents of my Celebration Basket for Digging Out of Distraction.

Break Out the Bubbly
& the Dark Chocolate
Celebrating Debut Authors’ Basket Items

Tonks wants to join in the fun. Sorry, but she's not included. 

Korbel Champagne & 2 champagne flutes & 4 types of Dark Chocolate
Notecards by Triple Golden Heart Finalist Sharon B. Wray
Debut Books & Promotional Items donated by the following:
Adrienne Giordano: RISKING TRUST book on CD, bullet earrings, mini photo album
Kimberly Brock: THE RIVER WITCH
Laurie London: SEDUCED BY BLOOD, pin, trading cards & pen
Carla Swafford: CIRCLE OF DESIRE(2), trading cards, bookmarks
Kieran Kramer: DUKES TO THE LEFT OF ME, PRINCES TO THE RIGHT, cards, bookmarks
Robin Bielman: WORTH THE RISK, T-shirt, post-its, flower seeds, picture frame
Pamela Hearon: OUT OF THE DEPTHS, notepad
Marilyn Baron: THE EDGER, artwork
M.V. Freeman: INCANDESCENT, candles

Visit the archives to read these debut author’s interviews.

The finished basket. Isn't it gorgeous? 

On Wednesday, Kim Law visited the Veranda and shared her amazing journey to publication. You can read about how she really feels about rejections here. One lucky commentator won an ARC of Kim's newest novel. I put all the names on pieces of paper and made tiny toys for Tonks. I chose the paper she pounced on first.

And the lucky winner is..... TAMMY BAUMAN!

Congratulations Tammy. I'll contact you to get your information and forward it to Kim Law.