My World

Christine Glover head shot for Entangled Publishing.
I live in a typical suburban home in America with the Physicist and my daughter. We own two cats: Catadora Tonks and Mischief. Catadora Tonks, Tonks for short, is a 1 year old sassy cat. I got her after I had to say goodbye to my beloved Dowager Feline Clancy. She's been a blessing to us in so many ways. Currently, Tonks enjoys chasing after bugs and interrupting my writing days. Stay tuned for more about Tonks and her adventures. My daughter's cat is Mischief. She reminds me of Fat Louis in THE PRINCESS DIARIES. She's a tabby, 10 years old, and very loyal to my daughter. She sleeps on the pillow next to my daughter all night. The Physicist and I call Mischief a Patrol Cat. She and Tonks are slowly getting along.

I love the city and I love to travel. I go up to DC every year to see my dear friends and get a big dose of culture and city life. I also love going on mini adventures in the state I live in. And I always go to Atlanta for writing rejuvenation and shopping. I love IKEA and their cheap but fun decorating items. And I love Trader Joes for the cool food and interesting wines at good prices. I'll be posting on my blog about my travels. I hope you enjoy the stories.

I write a lot. I am in the chair every day except for high days like major holidays and big travel days. I am in my writing head thinking about my characters and my stories and my process all the time. But I would be unable to write if I didn't surround myself with beautiful things and wonderful people. My spirit needs people interactions. I am not the introverted type of writer. So I go on mini breaks and fill my heart, mind, and soul with adventures all the time. I'll share my adventures with you as life unfolds.

This page will change periodically. I'll be updating it with new stories and links. Stay tuned!!