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The Maverick's Red Hot Reunion
June 30, 2014 Entangled Publishing Indulgence

Can he satisfy his craving without losing his heart?

Corporate Maverick Zach Tanner returns to North Carolina to rebuild his dying friend's resort. He's got the money, the power, and the will to transform Sweetbriar Springs into a premier spa for the glamorous, but he doesn't count on the woman he once loved and lost to handle the construction contract. Zach thought he'd buried his desire for Kennedy five years ago, but he's still drawn to her. He's determined to satisfy his craving to get her out of his system...

Construction company owner Kennedy Gibson is eager to restore Sweetbriar Springs, but when she realizes Zach is her new boss she's terrified he'll learn the truth about their breakup. She agrees to work with the one man she vowed never to hurt again, but can't deny the passion he reignites in her. Soon she believes she has a chance for a different future with Zach, but her secret threatens to destroy their red-hot reunion.

Beauty and the Marine
Novella/Prequel in the Sweetbriar Springs Series
Entangled Indulgence Release Date TBA


War vet Jessie Sullivan wants to train for a grueling fire department physical and pass it despite the pins holding her leg together because she wants to serve her community again. When action hero Blake Johnston walks into her family’s resort gym, she’s freaked. She doesn’t want this gorgeous guy sharing her space, let alone seeing her brutal scar. But Blake refuses to leave because he’s determined to prove he’s more than a Big Screen Sex Machine by helping her train. Despite feeling like Just Junk compared to this Hollywood Hunk, Jessie agrees, but only to confirm she’s right. Not because she wants to act upon the hormones singing hallelujah choruses in her head. 

As they workout together, Blake’s drawn to Jessie’s determination and grit. And Jessie’s surprised to discover that Blake’s a man of honor and integrity who stands by the people he loves. Soon their workouts ignite sensual sparks that neither of them can deny. Though Blake can’t promise Jessie more than a casual fling, he’s more than willing to release her inner vixen. And Jessie will indulge in this intoxicating fantasy if there’s a chance Blake’s touch will set her free to live the life she deserves.

But when this holiday fling ends will either of them be able to move on without their hearts shattering?

Trouble in a Black Tie Suit
Hannah and Caleb’s Story
Sequel in the Sweetbriar Springs Series
Under construction.

The Tycoon's Sweet Temptation (AKA Sweet Temptations and Too Sweet to Eat)
2012 Linda Howard Award of Excellence Triple Finalist & Winner
2010 Emerald City Opener First Place
2009 Maggie Finalist
2008 Touch of Magic 3rd Place


Sassy baker Sarah Sinclair’s personal-to-do list doesn’t include wedding vows. She’s building cakes and saving her confections company from bankruptcy. Though wary of the press, Sarah enters and wins a local television station’s contest to get free publicity on Alexander Brandon’s hit reality show Wedding Woes and Wonders. She signs a standard yearlong contract and creates a cake for a taped delivery. She’s positive this will restore her company’s finances, but the bride is a Bridezilla-in-disguise who destroys the cake. Now Sarah’s desperate to stop the show from airing on national television.

Powerful television tycoon and corporate raider Alexander Brandon is searching for a star for his next reality show Too Sweet to Eat. When he views Sarah’s contest entry video, he knows she’s perfect for the role. He flies to the east coast, buys the local television station, and casts Sarah as his reluctant sexy star. 

Sarah’s terrified of being in the public eye, yet she’s attracted to her charismatic and magnetic new boss. Still she’s determined to fight her desire, but Alex’s belief in her breaks down her resolve. Alex wants Sarah and he’s drawn to her strong, nurturing soul. Soon the attraction flaring between them threatens to melt every sugar paste flower on the set and they’re falling in love. 

But when Sarah’s past resurrects, they might lose their chance for the happily-ever-after they deserve. Now only Alex has the power to save their future if he’s willing to listen to his heart.

The Billionaire's Marriage Bargain

A reserved mathematician’s precise world is jeopardized when her family’s company defaults on its debts to a wealthy foreign industrialist which forces her to propose an unholy union. 


A reserved computer geek Cassandra Nelson wants to design a winning regatta racer for her family’s yacht building company. When she learns Nelson Industries is being taken over by her father’s sworn enemy, Marco Delgado, she decides to protect her family’s business. She offers the wealthy Argentinian industrialist a temporary marriage of convenience to restore his reputation in her blue blooded regatta society. But Marco demands a lifetime commitment with no possibility for love, only sexy side benefits, to seal the deal. Cassandra agrees to his terms because it’s only way to save her family from financial ruin, and liberate Marco from the far reaching consequences of a racing accident she unwittingly set in motion. Though she never calculated love into the equation, Marco’s sensual seductiveness mesmerizes her, awakening her physically and emotionally. Now she’s falling in love with her husband and she’s desperate to hide her secret. If Marco discovers the truth about her responsibility for the yacht crash that caused the regatta racing society to shun him, she’ll lose everything including her heart. 

Wealthy industrialist and former regatta racing champion Marco Delgado wants to exact revenge on the high society regatta world that shunned him for a crime he didn’t commit. When his sworn enemy’s daughter proposes marriage as a ticket back into her world, he decides to demand a permanent union to guarantee his reentry into the racing circuit. But when he takes his virgin bride on a weeklong seafaring honeymoon, he must teach her the pleasures of the bedroom without losing his closely guarded heart. Cassandra’s innocence and her willingness to accept him unconditionally unleashes a protectiveness for her. Soon he realizes that he’s falling in love with the blue blooded brainaic. But when her secret is revealed, during a regatta gala event held in their honor, Marco must learn the power of forgiveness and love before he can have a future with the only woman he's loved: Cassandra. 

Inconveniently Yours


A sassy sculptress wants to carve her own future, but when a powerful man discovers her son is his heir she's forced into a heartless marriage to protect her child.

After an assassination attempt sends Stefano Demarkus to a hospital he's shocked to find a former lover and one look in her son's eyes proves Stefano's the father. He proposes an unholy union and forces his new family into protective custody. But this time he'll reap the sizzling sensual side-benefits of his inconvenient marriage without losing his heart.


Three years after a brief, no-strings sensual encounter with the enigmatic Stefano Demarkus that left her pregnant, sculptor Roxy Baron is raising her son and building the career that will finally let her escape her poverty-ridden past. But during a sculpture’s unveiling at a local hospital, she meets Stefano again when he's brought in after an assassination attempt where he discovers her shocking secret. Believing his son is in danger, Stefano forces Roxy into custody and an unholy union with him. Now she must protect her son from becoming exactly like his father—a man with a heart as hard as the stone she carves—though she’s still consumed with desire for Stefano.

King Stefano Demarkus must provide his country with a proper queen and an heir, but he's unprepared when an assassin's bullet brings him back in contact with the sexy sculptress who's haunted his dreams--and he learns of his son, Nico. He'll keep the boy safe, even if it takes a marriage of convenience with Roxy to seal his claim. This time he'll reap the sizzling sensual side-benefits without losing his heart.

But marriages of convenience aren't convenient at all when there's danger all around them--especially from the desires of their own hearts. 

Her Prisoner of Love
2012 Linda Howard Award of Excellence Finalist
2011 Fab Five 2nd Place


Bad Boy of Rock and Roll Drake Sheridan is in a court ordered time out, but his house arrest becomes exciting when he meets the key to his release Kayla Barrett. Community Center Director Kayla Barrett agrees to supervise Drake’s court ordered service time to secure funding for her youth program. She’s determined to maintain a professional distance despite her attraction to the musical magnate, but Drake’s empathy for her young charges draws them closer. And Kayla’s no-nonsense, tough girl attitude masks a compassionate soul. One which holds family and friends close. Soon she captures Drake’s heart. But her past has the power to drive them apart and send their hearts into a permanent prison. Now Drake must find the courage to set them both free

Taming the Bad Boy Prince
Discovery Phase

Single Title Romance

Forbidden Fantasy (AKA The Girl's Guide to Gadgets & Guys)
2012 Linda Howard Award of Excellence Finalist
2010 Emerald City Opener 2nd Place


A radio star swears off men for a year, but when her station hires a sexy bodyguard to protect her from a stalker she’s tempted to break her vow because he embodies her ultimate fantasy man.