Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Break Out the Bubbly & the Dark Chocolate: Celebrating Kim Law's Debut Novel CAUGHT ON CAMERA

I'm so excited to share another writer's success story with you. My Music City Romance Writers of America Chapter President has been a Golden Heart finalist and winner, a wonderful leader, and a supportive mentor to her chapter mates. When I learned that she got "the call" I contacted her right away. I couldn't wait to hear more about her journey toward publication. So please join me in welcoming Kim Law to the Veranda.

*Pop*Pour*Clinking Glasses*

Debut Author Kim Law

    How did you end up becoming a writer, Kim?
Oh my goodness, that’s an easy one! You see, I ALWAYS knew I would be a writer. Not that I wanted to, but that I would. And I suspect it was from about the first moment I figured out how to write. I remember being in my family’s den with a paper and pencil—remember those first grade tablets with the really wide lines?—and holding the paper up against the wall and “writing” a story. It was pure scribbles (mostly loops of all sizes), but I would do that over and over, constantly filling up the pages. I’ve no idea what I thought I was writing, but that memory is so strong. So yeah. Always.
      I do remember those tablets, but I used them to "teach school" back in the day. :-)What is your favorite genre to write?
I only write contemporary. Deep down, I’m about as traditional as it gets, and I guess that means “normal.” (But I prefer not to think boring. J) I never picture anything paranormal or not “real” when I’m coming up with a story, and never imagine crazed serial killers. Not that I don’t love many books in those genres, nor that it won’t change over time and I might try my hand at something else, but right now straight contemporary is only what bounces through my mind.
I am a traditionalist at heart as well, though I do love reading the other genres, my heart is with contemporary romances. After you finish taking those ideas and bouncing them around, how do you relax?
I have a hard time relaxing when I’m really into a story. When I’m writing, that’s all I want to do. If it were possible, I’d essentially write around the clock until a book was done. Of course, it rarely plays out that way and I have to do something to unwind, so I’d have to say for those times, I turn my brain off and watch reality tv. J
        Reality tv is my guilty pleasure. What is your current project?
My current project is a follow up book to my December release. It’s a small-town contemporary set in the fictional town of Sugar Springs, TN. And I’m seriously loving this one!
        Sounds amazing. Do you have any new releases for later? 
Oh yes!!! As I just mentioned, I have book one of my small-town series coming out on Christmas Day. It’s titled, Sugar Springs. Next I’m working on a sequel to both Caught on Camera and Sugar Springs. Hopefully they’ll get picked up and both be out next year too!
        I love your enthusiasm. I imagine you bubbled over when you got the "call." How did you   celebrate?  
Oh, what a day! Dec 21, 2011. I think the call came at about 2:30. I was at work, but you can pretty much say the day was over for me. I went out in the courtyard area between our two buildings (where many people could see me, but I clearly didn’t care) and called everyone I could think of. I realized at some point that I was wandering around out in this little grassy area, talking on the phone, all by myself, with the silliest grin on my face that I’m sure has ever been seen. That’s when it occurred to me that the people watching might think I’d lost my mind. So I tried to control myself (mostly) until I got home that night and when I walked in my husband had bought me a cake and flowers. It was the best! He doesn’t always to remember to do such things (I still give him grief over doing NOTHING when I came home from winning the Golden Heart), but he came through on this one. It was really sweet. We even have pictures of me, the cake, the flowers, and my big silly grin to commemorate the occasion. J
        Was the “call” an actual phone conversation or an email or a snail mail?
Phone call!!! My agent called me at work. I knew the manuscript was being read over the previous weekend and that something might happen that week, so it wasn’t totally out of the blue. But I didn’t know when it might happen or if it even would for sure. The phone finally rang (it was a Wednesday—I’d been watching the phone for three days now!), and it was my agent’s number. I started smiling before I even answered the phone.
        That's so wonderful. I can imagine you waiting for it to ring. Now that you are published, what encouragement can you give writers who face rejection?
Facing rejection is necessary! Why would you want to miss out on the opportunity to grow from rejections? J Seriously, it’s not personal, it’s business, so you need to look at it in a purely business manner.
So…evaluate each rejection—even the annoying, vague ones that seem to say NOTHING AT ALL!—and then look at your writing honestly. Take your feelings out of the picture and see the words on the page in front of you, and figure out what can be improved. Try to learn something from each rejection and then move on. Don’t dwell on what can’t be changed, just move on. Now granted, maybe that book just wasn’t the right one for that person (and will be right for another person), but I’m a big believer that you can and should use every chance you get to always work on your craft.
That means, as hard as it seems, always take those rejections as opportunities to get even better. If you want it bad enough and work hard enough, the day will come. And when it does, just imagine how good you’ll be right out of the gate!

Kim, I love your attitude and positivity. I know other aspiring writers will benefit from your encouraging words. I wish you all the best in your publishing career!! 

Here's CAUGHT ON CAMERA'S book blurb. I know I can't wait to read this debut novel after reading it!!

Scandal meets seduction when America’s golden guy falls for a woman with secrets.

Amazing cover!!

Beautiful Vega Zaragoza learned the hard way that sex and the spotlight don’t mix. Now the former model makes her living behind the camera, working as a videographer to escape public scrutiny. But when Vega gets a shot at her dream job, one that puts her back in the public eye, she must choose: continue to play it safe or gamble everything to go toe-to-toe—and heart-to-heart— with the city’s most eligible bachelor.

JP Davenport is the golden boy of American politics, rumored to be the governor’s 1st choice for Georgia’s open senatorial seat. Charming and gorgeous, he is also fiercely private, with a string of romantic conquests a mile long. Now he wants to add Vega to their ranks. And he will do anything to have her. Vega should know better than to trust a man like him. But kiss by heated kiss, she discovers this man may be worth the risk.


Crystal Lee said...

Congratulations, Kim! I look forward to reading CAUGHT ON CAMERA. Your success is an inspiration for those of us pursuing the path to publication (raises glass and pops a dark chocolate truffle in mouth).

Kim Law said...

Thanks Crystal! Oh...I need a dark chocolate truffle. I totally forgot to start the day off with one! :)

Trac Brogan said...

Excellent advice about facing rejections, Kim! It's true - they're not personal (even though they sure feel that way!) Every comment is useful, even if its purpose is simply to teach us to trust our own writing voice. So happy for your success!

Tammy Baumann said...

Great interview ladies!

Kim I loved this line...
If you want it bad enough and work hard enough, the day will come.

Hope its true!


Kim Law said...

Hey Tracy and Tammy! Thanks for coming by!

Meda White said...

Congratulations Kim! I can just picture you out in that courtyard celebrating your news. I bet you had an extra bounce in your step. Looking forward to the book! Best wishes for much success.

Kim Law said...

Thanks Meda! Yes, I imagine I did have quite a bounce in my step!!! It was a good day :)

Thank you!!

Larynn Ford said...

Congratulations!! May your sales soar!!

Susan Carlisle said...

I'm sooo proud of you. Your book is the next on my to be read pile. I'm looking forward to it.
I know it will be great.

Kim Law said...

Hey Larynn, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the congrats! Fingers crossed about the soaring ;)

Susan!!! So good to see you. I heard someone told you your name made it into this book!!! I do hope you enjoy it!

Pat Trainum aka P. T. Bradley said...

Congratulations, Kim. I know you are beyond excited. Caught on Camera sounds great...going to see if I can preorder. And great advice about rejection. Unfortunately it's one way we learn. lol

Kim Law said...

Thanks Pat! And yes, it's a lesson we can't seem to get around, huh?

Christine said...

Hi Everyone: I'm so glad you stopped by the Veranda to chat with Kim. I'm posting the winner of the ARC on tomorrow's blog. Tonks will select the winner tonight.