Thursday, May 14, 2009

Contests and Formats and Yikes What a Day!

I finally sent off my Maggie entry today. We'll see how that goes. Not holding my breath, but the feedback is excellent. Maybe it will fare better after all the changes I made to the beginning of the MS. I hope so. 

After I sent the Maggie off to places far away and in GA, I worked on gathering my entry pieces together for REVEAL YOUR INNER VIXEN. There are all these rules for how to submit online--and it's driving me crazy. I can put all the RTF parts of the entry in a folder and send the folder as an attachment, but I can't put all the pieces of the entry on ONE document and have it turn out right in the HEADER section. There are too many different elements. Argh.

I sent an email to the contest coordinator to ask if I can submit the entry in a folder with the four documents. I hope so or I've wasted my time on this--other than the revising part of the scene. It's changing and evolving -- and I like it. Hey--I just checked my email and the contest coordinator said I can send it in a folder and just explain my "header challenged brain" to the contest person I email it to! Hallelujah!!!!

I need to put the new changes into the Scrivener Document--I revised in the Word Doc after I revised in Scrivener... argh again. That's the only thing I don't like with Scrivener. It's hard to move back and forth in the saved folders. I have to export and input all changes or do it manually.

This afternoon I went to the APPLE store for my tutorial. I really didn't have much to ask--simple fix questions. And I told the dude after half an hour I was ready to leave. I don't need weekly sessions anymore. I think I will use that time, one hour per week, to build my web page and work on my business side of writing (probably more than one hour a week). If questions come  up as I work on the web site, I'll jot them down and schedule a session. I have a year's worth of onetoone sessions paid for. One thing that jerks my chain is that I paid to have classes with the APPLE SPECIALISTS. But the past three classes have been with the next tier down because the specialists are overwhelmed. I don't mind too much, but it's the principle of the matter. I feel shuffled aside. The next time I go in, I am making my appointment on-line and I am putting in the notes box that I want a specialist to help me.

After I went to the APPLE STORE, I hit B&N and got DD her required reading book for 10th Grade Honors English. Then I drove to the Mall and fetched her Powder Puff T-shirt. After I retrieved said shirt, I high tailed it to STAPLES to get four black ink cartridges. Two for her and two for me. We run out of ink here FAST.

When I got home, I worked on the RYIV Entry, and now I am fried--nothing left to give. I'll read through the entry and edit it tomorrow morning. Thankfully, I'll be able to send it all off in a folder.

And I got three scenes revised as I prepared for this contest (only putting in 2 and a bit). Of course, the book is never done. It'll never be finished until it is sold and on the shelves! I decided that I will revise this one through for the RWA Conference. Then I'm pitching it. I'll line edit and check it over with a fine tooth comb if I get a request for a FULL. If not, I am done. I'll park it, and move on to the fourth book. I want to get that MS ready for the GH in November. 

I will pull number 3 out of park after I've got the fourth book revised and on its way out the door via the GH. I'm sending the 3rd book out to the GH again if I don't get the "call" before November.

Now the goal is speed, building back list books, and getting my business side of writing running.

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