Monday, May 18, 2009

Weeds and Man Underfoot

My DH is taking TWO WEEKS OFF of work to burn through vacation days or lose them. Argh! But he's trying not to disturb me--sort of--and I do love him for supporting my insane obsession with writing romances. Well, I do love him for so many more things than that one gift. He is my first and always hero.

Now because he is my hero, I decided to help him weed the yard. Unlike my *crush* Hugh Jackman (amazingly beautiful man who could father my next child if I weren't menopausal and needing progesterone and married), my DH is not in the best of shape. Dear darling husband needs a hip replacement so I decided I couldn't let him kill himself bending over to weed the huge yard we now own (I miss my postage stamp lot in DC). Besides, weeding is EXCELLENT CREATIVE AVOIDANCE on a sunny (finally!) day. 

So weed I did. And then I colored my roots. And then I faced the "computer" and was BICHOK FOR THREE HOURS! I revised the 9th chapter and I do like it a lot better now. Oh, how much work is left????

I am heading back into the book tomorrow to revise Ch. 4. I also have another mega blood test lab (will I ever really be well again??), and I have to head to the dentist to fix a very painful temporary crown not sitting right in my mouth (oh, why did I pop that off last week when I over zealously flossed in excitement about the editor/agent appts.?). Sigh.

But I am determined to finish my goal of 5 chapters this week. Hope I manage as I must clean the bloody house (argh) and prepare for DH's 56th birthday on Wednesday (apparently I am hosting a din din here --argh again). We head out of town on Saturday. We come back on Monday. I hope to do 5 more chapters after that (ha as I have to get DD ready for a sleepover deal that same week).

But I will do it! Even if I have to write at midnight. I am determined to get closer to my goal!

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