Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Potholes and Grammar Gremlins

I'm edging ever so close to the finish line, but I am bogged down with grammar gremlins. I keep questioning my verb tenses. I sent off two scenes to my CP and she changed a lot of my past tense verbs from "had created" to "created" and now I am mightily self confused. I'm sure it's cause my brain hurts. Might be a sinus infection or could just be too much information.

Yup, the PRO loop has tons of grammar info floating around it about "ing" words and more. Now I am worried about all my "ing" sentences (not even going to go into detail there). Will fix in line edit.

Meanwhile, I chug on. I am finished chapter twelve's revision (for now). I am heading into the black moments and to add to my angst, I have overnight guests arriving tomorrow PM. That means I will have to park my writing cap earlier and, as I don't want to blow a gasket, I will take my time going through this crucial chapter. 

Is it a coincidence that my Black Moment chapter is CHAPTER THIRTEEN????? Yikes!

I've fiddled with the first 9 chapters a lot. Now I feel I must finish revising the rest of the book and then I'll go through the last 8 chapters again--read through and revisit via edits. I'm close to resolving some of my personal problems with the story. I hope I get them fixed (for now-to where I feel better about pitching it) soon. 

I have 5 more chapters. I'm giving myself 7 writing days to finish them. That's fair.

Oh, I want to finish sooooooooooo bad. 

But I feel the need for a bit of a slow down. My brain hurts. It needs a break. I am going to treat it to a dinner and a movie with the family today. 


M.V.Freeman said...

You can do this!! Get it done, and then wage war on the Grammar gremlins--who are just evil!

Christine said...

Thanks Mary. I am so frustrated by it. And now I am bogged down with tons of distractions--company coming for a night, daughter's eye doc appt., grocery for said company, and blah blah...

I figure it is the universe's way to make me take a break. But tomorrow, I plan to hit it a little -- one hour a day.

It does count if we *touch* the MS--so I just touched it.

If you are a great grammarian, help!