Saturday, May 9, 2009

And the GH Scores Arrived ... Du Du Dummmmm

The GH scores arrived and I opened them. I wasn't going to open them. But I did. It's like scratching a scab. You got to do it. Any rate, I didn't do nearly as bad as I thought I would. The scores were good enough to get me at the top of the bottom half and I missed the top half by .3. Not bad. There wasn't a score under 6.5 and I had a top score of 8.7 (out of 9!). I threw the scores into the MS box, patted myself on the back, and then I told myself if the POS that I sent in did that well, then the rewritten work will do even better next year! Whoot! Of course, maybe I'll never be a GH finalist or winner because I'll sell my book before next November after it gets requested by my favorite publishing house and editor at HQN

One can dream.

And the story is so much better now. The synopsis is so much better. It's all so much tighter and well-written. I know it can do better in the GH next time around. Or sell.

I met with my new writing friend at the Barnes & Noble coffee shop yesterday. We met our individual writing goals and then we set new ones. I encouraged my friend to set the GH as her goal for her MS. She has to finish this first draft, revise it and polish the first 50 pages for the GH. It's a goal. She's going for it!

I am very glad I entered the GH. I have solid work to pitch and submit. I have a good synopsis now, and I have a great query. I am ready to roll. 

I was going to query HQN, but now I am waiting until after the Editor/Agent line opens up for appointments the RWA National Conference. I have my top editors and agents highlighted (they have a handy grid on-line), and I am ready to roll. I am not sending any queries out until after the conference. If the agent and/or editor don't request my MS, then I am pitching all other agents on my list as well as the three e-houses I'd be honored to work for.

My upcoming writing goals are very simple. First I am signing up for my editor/agent appts. Then I am researching my agent list to see what their submission guidelines are. Third, I am finishing my revision and have end of June as my target for that work to be completed. Fourth, I am entering two contests: the Maggies and the Sizzle Contest with the MS. Fifth, after I complete the 3rd MS, I am beginning revision on the 4th. And finally, I am polishing my pitch for the 3rd and 4th books.

All this has to happen before July 10. The fourth will be in revision, but I will polish the first fifty pages and enter it into the GH this year. 

It's exciting to have goals and feel like I am edging up the "career ladder."

And speaking of career ladder, I have two fellow chapter writers who just came out with new books. I bought them at the bookstore yesterday and can't wait to read them.

Kira Sinclair, Afterburn

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