Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Man Underfoot!

I have had a wonderful weekend with my friends as they celebrate their only child's graduation from High School. Good times were had by all. Now it is time to get back in the saddle and write.

Only one problem: darling husband had to burn two weeks of vacation or lose them by May 3oth. He was fine last week. Only interrupted me a few times (hello? I am NOT on vacation--I'll never make money writing if I don't keep writing).  But now that week two has rolled around, he's becoming grumpy. 

He wants company. 

I am not giving up my writing time. Or am I? I ended up taking time off to investigate two gyms with him -- and then it was back to work after mollifying him. 

I hope that's the extent of my duties. 

Meanwhile, finished revising chapter 11 (I have no idea how). Not entirely pleased, but made a note on my pages to go back in AFTER I get to the end of the doc.

*sigh* so many problems, so little time.

And school lets out soon--company will start descending upon our household--and I'll be trading my writing cap for my hostess cap regularly.  

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