Monday, May 11, 2009

What a Whirlwind Day-PRO Editor/Agent Sign Up

This is the first time I've ever entered into the magic sign up portal--either as a non-PRO or a PRO. But I got up, booted up the laptop and prepared to sign in.

Four hours later, I still hadn't made headway. The website was overwhelmed and lots of people experienced frustration. I had, at one point, almost cleared the gates, when the RWA website didn't recognize my password. Alas, alack, a scream or three later... then I calmed. I contacted the national offices via phone, left a message saying I wasn't sure if my PW being eaten was part of their problem, but if it was, to ignore my call. If not, help! I think I made that call at 10:30AM.

At 12:15PM, I stopped trying, the website was still experiencing problems, and I hadn't eaten or showered. I ate a yogurt, read the paper, worked my word puzzle in the comics section, and hopped into the shower. I was just out of the shower when the phone rang! RWA's national headquarters returned my call. A very nice representative walked through the pages for me and I got signed up.

And I did it all while dripping wet, wrapped in a towel, with my hair up in a turban of white. Thank God! I am so grateful to the RWA for responding to my call. I know this day had to be outrageous for them as they fielded the problems on their site and the phone calls from others.

Now I have my dream agency appointment and my dream editor appointment with HQN. Yikes! Now I have to fine tune my pitch and get moving along on the revision. 

What a day! 

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