Thursday, April 2, 2009

To Do Today

Finished the MS--like the ending and that means I want to keep the beginning the same, but just flesh it out a bit. I know the global fixes. I know the tiny fixes. Global first -- might not need to handle the tiny fixes if that occurs.

So I am medium pleased with the book. The story is decent. The scenes are good. I have some ideas about what I want to do to add tension and layer in greater attraction. I know how to make my hero heroic and not sleazy in the beginning. And I know I have to get started soon.

But first I want to finish up my character workshop classes and work on my hero a bit more. I will do that, think a bit about the heroine, and then I will start the revision on Monday. I like what a writing buddy said. She said to call it "learning" and then it won't feel as much as "here we go again."

I just finished a book by a favorite author and I loved it. She published it in 2007, which means it was probably finished in 2005. There is a lead time into getting these things out the doors of the publishing houses. All kinds of repeats and passive voice and telling but the story was GREAT and the hero and heroine were well drawn. It was a great story. I've been so worried about the "rules" of writing that I forgot about the "story being the point." I wanted to read her book because I was drawn to it. And she is a fabulous writer. No writer is "perfect." Every writer is working toward improvement in their own craft. And that's all I am doing except I am not getting paid to do it -- YET. I will. One day I will get published. Period.

More about that in another post.

Now my happy news. Two people I know and care about are PUBLISHED. One is my first critique partner and she is published in children's fiction. As soon as I figure out how to paste that info into a blog (because I am blog challenged... see any pictures in here? I don't like figuring out all the techie stuff), I will. And another friend I met last year at a retreat in Charleston who is also my other critique partner's SIL has A FOUR BOOK CONTRACT!!! Yay! After 16 years of writing. And I am soooo happy for her.

As soon as I find out how to post that information, I will do it!!

When I hear stories about people like my friend's SIL, it gives me hope that I am not whistling dixie and I will get published one day.

Hooray for my friend's victories!!

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