Thursday, April 9, 2009

Waiting and Waiting and Waiting

Well I just realized it's spring break up north so I won't hear back from my CP till next week at the earliest. No way I can wait till the end of that week to revise, so I will start on Monday. I have company coming on the 28th which means I will be taking a break again. But if I don't start the revision, I will have nothing to query.

I am waiting for a new grill--it's springtime in the south. Finally.

I am waiting for my motivation to kick in.

It will--Monday morning time to hit it again.

Boring post--but then life is pretty much mundane at this point.

What do I do when I am forced to wait and my energy levels start kicking in?

Clean. Post articles on FB, debate politics, stir up trouble ;), reorganize stuff.

Oh, I need to get writing again.

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