Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wow! My Query is Shaping Up

I have learned something very new about myself when it comes to query letter writing. A little bit a day makes the pain go away. That and an amazing set of CPs!!! I have been plunking down stuff for a week now, editing, revising, adding, subtracting, and generally mulling. I learned that queries, if mulled in the shower, also reveal themselves to me in moments of brilliance in the shower. 

Hmmm? What is it about me and the showers? Whatever it is, it works.

I sent off my first attempt at anything reasonable to my CP and a new writing accountability partner. And I got good feedback. That is the second thing that is important about this whole process for me. I need the feedback. What is working? I have the idea. But that's my strength. My weakness is in execution. I can come up with the framework, but I need a bit of tinkering. 

Did I mention I love my CP?

I'm happy I have something to work with and can use to send out to publishers. 

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