Friday, April 10, 2009

The Next Generation of Computing!

Well waiting has it's interesting perks: I lost my wireless connection in my old PC and we researched the issue online and learned the issue is a problem with the HP laptop I've used for three years. Argh!! So what to do???? Well, in this case, I got my dream come true today: I got my MAC!! I am so excited about it. And I am eager to learn all the bells and whistles.

Wait. Is that my techie daughter and husband laughing and snickering about me learning about this lovely and wondrous toy??? Well, no more laughter folks. I am serious. I am truly going to get with the program and understand this machine and my IPhone completely!! I signed up for the weekly tutorials via the one-to-one program they have at the Apple Store. And I can't wait. There are so many things I want to use this amazing toy for in my writing.

I already got my first part: the Scrivener Writing Program only for Apple!! Wahoo. It's perfect for my type and style of writing. Right now I am just playing around on it with a fun idea I have for a YA that may or not be sellable but that's not the point. I just want to play with the idea and learn the program in doing so.

Me? Learning? Wanting to understand techno stuff? Yup. It's not my forte. I put it right up there with algebra, anything astronomy, and all physical sciences--it's just not for me. And my family will attest to the fact that I am not a person who enjoys reading manuals. Frankly, they didn't give me a gift one year for Christmas because my daughter sagely said to my husband, "put it back: she won't read the manual." And she was right.

But darn it, I want to know this machine. There are sooooooooo many wonderful things I will be able to do with it super easily. Like start my own website, and be more professional, and figure out how to do a hyper link (unlike on this blog which is not intuitive for me at all). Well.... I am no longer hiding behind my ignorance. I will be taught. I am an intelligent person. I can learn this if I have a patient instructor.

So stay tuned: I will be writing about my tutorials on a regular basis. 



Kasaka said...

Wow, that is cool you got your Mac! Congratulations!! Bummer, that it was because your HP broke though. Makes me wonder if I'll have the same problem, as I have the same HP model. Enjoy learning your new toy!

MaryC said...

Hi Christine! What kind of Mac did you get? I've only ever used Macs so I totally get your enthusiasm. You'll have to tell us more about how you're using Scrivener. I'll admit I downloaded it almost a year ago but I've never actually done anything with it.

Christine said...

Kasaka: We researched the problem with the wireless card and found a whole lot on the web about the problem: it's related to the motherboard not communicating properly with the wireless card. There are "bandaid" fixes, but they are only temporary. As I must be able to submit electronically, that wasn't an option for me. I know you are in the same boat, so I hope your model doesn't do that to you!

MaryC: I am playing around with the Scrivener and will share more about that as I learn it's bells and whistles. My first lesson for the MAC is actually how to utilize my Iphone more completely and in tandem with the MAC. I am bringing my new computer with me to see how to sync it all.

My first step with the Scrivener is inputting a story that I am playing around with in my head. I will finish my current WIP on the other laptop as it functions fine in that capacity and I have no desire to bugger around with it. Will keep you posted and blog about it I am sure.

DH is giving me Windows capability on the MAC -- just not sure when.