Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Read Through Blahs Pt. 2

Well I'm almost finished my read through and I know I have to rework the beginning BIG TIME. It is soooo chopped up due to the contest entries etc., that I lost the soul of the story. Frankly, I am having trouble liking the story or even trying to pitch it at the conference. I have plenty of ideas about pitching the fourth book. I have decided to work on that one in June and see where it is by the conference. If it feels like the better book, I'm pitching it instead. Or getting it ready for the back up should 3 get shot down.

Number 3 doesn't feel like my book anymore. But I guess all authors go through that pain at some point of the process.

I had a bit of an epiphany last night/early this morning. I realized that once this one is out the door, in a way, I am liberated from it for a while so I am very motivated to get it out to editors. So I am very motivated to accomplish that goal.

Now, a few blogs to read and then --- drum roll --- the last pages of the book.

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