Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Fever

This week has been one of catching up on old stuff I set aside as I wait for my CP to send me back my last 80 pages of my MS. I have enjoyed it. I've gone shopping for a new dress for the GH and I have planted my herb garden. I played with a friend last Wednesday, and I caught up on paperwork for the household. Yesterday I went to Michaels and got frames for pictures I want to rehang in my bedroom -- the frames were 50% off! I am also getting ready for Easter and my Easter Sunday Company. On Saturday I go to the HOD meeting and I get my PRO pin officially given to me at the meeting (must remember to bring it LOL). I am looking forward to that positive event after not finaling in the GH. As happy as I am for everyone else, it's hard to be a cheerleader when I want to be the person being cheered for. I admit it. So these little tangibles I have control over help me get over the disapointment of not finaling.

Spring Fever isn't a bad thing. I remember doing the same thing -- kind of-- back when I put on pantyhose and worked all day, 9-5 for a living. I remember being so sick of the "sameness" of all the work and my colleagues and I would go outside and play football or go to a nice restaurant and sit outside and enjoy a lovely meal al fresco. Any rate, I believe these feelings of wanting to escape and play are quite normal for this time of year. And I wonder if I should plan for that feeling every year! I wrote a lot until end of February. I finished my third MS's revision, I wrote a book in a week, I took 3 classes in the new year. It was time for a break. I deserved it.

What do you for a break? Do you believe it helps the creative juices flow? Does it help you face the computer again and start writing?

Or do you believe you should write every day? I do something every day, but isn't this writing?s

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