Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scrivener Keywords Equal Easy MS Navigation

I am very glad I trudged through the tutorial that came with this program. I learned one amazing trick: the keywords can be divided into subsets. I just went through the keyword menu and created CHARACTER, PLOT POINT, PHYSICAL ENCOUNTER folders. I move all the pertinent info into those folders and then here is what is wonderful. Want to know how often the character shows up? Go to the keyword in the subset and click on it. Then click search. Voila! All the scenes where that character shows up are visible o the story binder column. Then it's easy to traverse between each scene. Also it is easy to see if you have underused or overused a minor character. And for the plot points, when I click on the plot point in the keyword (this must be entered into the keyword section), the scene where the plot point unfolds pops up. 

Wow! How easy is that!!?? Pretty dang easy!

I've managed to add in setting to all the keywords for easy searches. Now I am ready to handle adding the hero/heroine elements of meetings, tension, contact, physical union. It'll be interesting to see how this tool can be refined for my future writing and new novels.

I'm extremely excited about BUILDING a story from scratch, or semi-scratch, in Scrivener. Right now I am backtracking and working out kinks with the 3rd MS, but, in subsequent books, it'll be from start to finish.

I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!! For more information about this cool program, visit the Scrivener website.

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