Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Yesterday I went to my second tutorial at the APPLE store. This time I remembered to bring my silver card that would give me access to the great one-to-one portal. Wow, insert card and voila, a whole new world is opened!

Well, it's not that simple. First, I was introduced to a young man who was prepared to walk me through all my MAC questions. We skipped basic keyboarding etc., because, well, I'm not completely ignorant when it comes to computers. We entered into the portal using my membership number on the silver credit card. Then the young man proceeded to teach me all kinds of cool things and make my MAC world a little brighter.

I now have ITUNES on my MAC Account! I can get music now!! I am so excited--well I can after I take both Laptops into the store and have them configured on Friday (whoot!). I am also versed in IDisk and Mobile Me (a bit). IDisk is a wondrous way to back up my files to a big computer in some sky located in Neptune--not really--but it feels that way to me. Any way, here is the BEAUTY of this IDisk. I can access all my files and work on them FROM ANY COMPUTER I USE ANYWHERE!!! How amazing is that? I am shivering with excitement about it. Whoot!!

Now that brings me to all the passwords and user names I have to remember. I have one user name for the majority of my APPLE connections, and another for -- let me refer to my little silver APPLE notebook--Mobile Me. I will learn more about Mobile Me and IWeb at my next session. 

Oh how did I ever live before the MAC?

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