Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Dreaded Synopsis *gulp & gasp*

The morning stunk. Period. 2 hours at the doctor, blood work drawn, unreasonable weight gain in a month (argh and double argh), and general distraction of follow up phone calls about all the above. Bottom line: I am being tested for everything that can cause my immune system to drop lower than the deepest well and cause me to bloat up like a beached whale. Seriously, I think the only thing I wasn't tested for was ingrown toe nails. Sheesh.

So, no chapters completed this morning. 

And after a brief battle with myself, and a few nudges by an accountability partner, I edged into the synopsis. Yuck and yuck and yuck.

First, the synopsis I sent out with the GH reflects a completely different ending -- one based on another dear CP's influence of losing it all (love my romantic suspense friends LOL). Second, I incorporated something new and it is not in the synopsis (I really don't want the scores now that I am at this point--again). Third, I realized I have bits of wonderfulness in it, but after reviewing my craft corner notes from a wonderful author in my writing chapter, I need to redo a lot. 


Sigh. Gasp. Grunt. And Groan.

But I did a bit of cutting and pasting--tossing and revising--hunting for index cards--review of the facts, just the facts madam--and now I know I need to go back in with the lessons I've learned and revise again to my heart's content. 

The good that came out of all this is that I like my new version a lot better so it'll be easier to write the synopsis. Plus, I am in revise mode in the mornings so the story is fresh in my mind and that will help me write the synopsis. And finally, I managed to clean up all my files on the computer for this story so it will be easier to revise and write the query/synopsis for the novel.

Sigh. Gasp. Grunt. And Groan.

Tomorrow I am praying I have a good writing day. I want to have zero interruptions in the AM so I can work diligently on my revision. I am not picking up the phone, even if it is the lab reports, until after 12PM. I can call back for that info. And In the PM, I will continue tweaking my query and my synopsis. 

Baby steps. Baby steps.

Oh, how I wish I could leap instead of crawl to the finish line.

As soon as my health is up to par, I am celebrating with a full day of writing!

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