Monday, November 9, 2009

To E or Not to E

Today great excitement on the PRO loops, the CHAPTER loops and amongst many writers when HQN announced its DRM/Carina Press launch.

For those of us who are just not quite a fit, it might be a great idea. It's a Digital E Pub launch. No print. But a sister of HQN and wow, what a great big sister to have in your publishing corner.

But this raises so many questions for unpub'd authors. Agents? Do you like E or not? What if you've got requests out there and you're waiting for answers (like me and countless others with fulls at Agencies)? And how are they paid?

And what about the contracts? The royalty amounts? PAN status? So many questions....

But yet, so many possibilities. I checked the blog and it intrigued me. As a writer to read an editor saying she's excited about not having to "fit" a book into a category genre is very exciting. Heck, I have a CR with a heroine who's a shock jock, writer testing vibrators and reviewing them online... and by the way, it does have a plot, too!

Where the heck do I put that? Yes. I entered this in the GH. Funny. But it has all the story elements--really!

So to E or not to E... that is the question.... for now, it remains... unanswered.


Martha W said...

I'm with you on this one. I don't know quite what my opinion is on e-pub. If nothing else - maybe we should write a novella just for that. Try it out. Give it a whirl, so to speak and then either run with it or drop it like a hot potato.

I am honestly thinking of doing that under a pen name... maybe.

For now, though - I'm on the fence. But I am thrilled that Angela James took a position as editor there.

Christine said...

Martha, I have had many conversations on line about this exciting news, but still very much on the fence. I believe this may be a way for them to groom new print authors who catch a reading niche market without having to spend as much. It's a great idea for them as it's less financially risky for them. Their website said a lot about utilizing social networking and on-line stuff plus giving the authors tools to self promote. That reminds me a lot of SOURCEBOOKS, who, if I had a single title, I'd query in a heartbeat. They're all about brand marketing. I'm tempted. Very tempted. But I have two fulls out there with agents. And I'm waiting to hear about 3 agent queries. So, I am waiting and taking it easy for now.

But after the last R where my writing was enjoyed, but "I wasn't what they were looking for," I am very tempted.

Gwen Hernandez said...

Carina will be considered a non-vanity publisher by RWA, don't you think? I'm excited for this opportunity for you.

Christine said...

Gwen, RWA's board is discussing this new publishing company/sister of HQN and having a formal statement after they come to some conclusions.

Right now, I'm inclined to stay where I am and wait to see what is going on with the agents I queried/submitted fulls/etc. Truth is, I worked 2 years on SWEET SENSATIONS. I'd like to see that puppy in pulp--but not closing any doors/windows or hatches.

This might be the wave of the future. I'm hanging out on my surfboard and making sure it's the right wave for me.

But it is exciting!