Monday, November 23, 2009

Golden Heart-2nd Entry is Finished and Mailed

Taking a timely break and readying for the holidays today.
So happy to have this off my chest and in the mail... woohoo!!
And now, time to relax before I do turkey triage.


Martha W said...


Now we get to sweat the next four months... *holds head*

Christine said...

Thanks Martha!! Yes, we have to work our tushies off, but I am not getting started on those future revisions till tomorrow. I am gearing up for Thanksgiving and reading other people's contest entries today :)-- a break from my peeps for a bit...

How is your entry coming along? Is it in?

MaryC said...

Congrats, Christine. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Christine said...

Thanks Mary C. I am happy it is out the door. I am creatively avoiding it till Monday--I need to rethink it as far as the direction I will take the book--I might make this one a *gulp* single title. My CP in VA tells me not to be scared... she's confident I can pull it off. Meanwhile, turkey crunch time!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!