Monday, November 16, 2009

Back to Reality--Back to Banging the Keyboard

I had a lovely weekend with my friend in Asheville. Came home invigorated and ready to write.

Today I added a few more words, read through the first 56 pages, edited them (not as crappy as I thought they would be when I left on Friday), and have inputted 32 pages of the hard copy edits into the computer.

I'm a little stressed about the synopsis, but this too shall pass.

Back hurts. Bottom hurts. Time to quit for the day...

Tomorrow? Finish hard copy input into the computer MS. Begin passing through the MS and go through the frequently used words to edit them OUT of the MS (blah). Print out the first 50-55 pages for read aloud pass through the MS.

That shouldn't take too long, should it?


Gwen Hernandez said...

Did my final first-50 read through yesterday. It took me about two hours. Today I'm headed to Office Depot and the post office! Hang in there.

Christine said...

i'm in the why bother stage and pushing through it-- still need a synopsis... frightening really.... really! Congrats on getting it out there. I've got one down, one to go... the beat goes on.