Monday, November 2, 2009

My Goals, My Motivations, My Conflicts from the Writer POV

Name of Novel: Christine's Trek toward the Golden Heart
Tagline: if you don't write the words, you'll never get published

Goal: get 50 beautiful pages written for the Golden Heart and a synopsis by the deadline, self-imposed of November 20, 2009
Motivation: because I want to have a partial ready for submission
Conflict: the story line has changed a lot since the first word were put on the page and now it's like starting from scratch making the deadline look impossible given other planned and unplanned time stealers.

Goal: finishing this MS partial will bring me closer to the elusive goal of publication and I desire affirmation for all my hard work.
Motivation: I like the feeling of accomplishment and the recognition gives me hope for my future.
Conflict: I'm worried I am not good enough and the story won't work and I'll fail at reaching my goal thereby disappointing myself. What if I am a fraud? Perhaps I should throw in the towel and blame it on time problems so I don't have to face my inadequacy.

CORE: If I don't do something I'm afraid of failing, then I didn't really fail, but if I don't try my best and give it my all, I'll never know the taste of success and part of success is laying down at night knowing I gave it my all, regardless of the outcome.

So there you have it.
Now back o the drawing board.


Gwen Hernandez said...

Gotta love it! Only a writer would apply GMC to her life. Thanks for the laugh.

Martha W said...

Are we writing the same book?! LOL! I love the way you have with words. When I read your posts I sit here nodding my head, thinking, "God, it's like she's in my head!"

Keep trekking, you'll pull through on the positive sooner rather than later... or at the very least by Dec 2 @ 5pm! :)

Christine said...

Awe, you both are so cool. And you know what, this new BLOGSPOT editor is killing me. Where is the spell check?

And thanks for the feedback--if all else fails, I can start a workshop for aspiring writers about the writer's life LOL.

Back to the trenches I go.