Saturday, November 21, 2009

For All the Writers, Agents & Editors Reeling Over HQN's New Venture

For writers and agents this past week has been interesting. We've all had our say about HQN's latest venture, pro/con--angry/sad/unsure--disbelief. Yet we've continued to forge ahead with pursuing our goals, one and all. I love my professional organization, RWA, and I love my writing comrades. Whether I know you in person or only via the wonderful world of the Internet, I am connected to host of strong people.

By far, writing has become more than a dream to be published. It's become a place I call home with a lot of talented individuals who care about this industry and nurturing each other toward reaching the goals we've sent. Regardless of where one is in their writing career, published or  not, we all share a common bond: we have people in our heads and we are compelled to tell their stories.

And we have a group of people, Agents and Editors, who love to bring these stories into the world. The right stories. The ones that hit their nerves. Our first readers and our greatest champions when we strike a chord in their hearts.

We're on a journey. Occasionally, we hit bumps and potholes. HQN's announcement was a HUGE POTHOLE/BUMP/OH SH** THE SKY IS FALLING MOMENT. But it has passed. We're still writing. We're still moving toward our goals. And we're safe in the knowledge that we have an amazing umbrella of protection.

RWA and the Chapters to which we belong.

Meanwhile, whenever you're worried or feeling blue or you get an R with INTEGRITY, then this song's for you... play it, gaze at the beautiful man in it, and then move on to your destiny....


Naima Simone said...

Hi, Christine!
Whew! Is has been some week! LOL! Your words are so true though. We are an umbrella for each other. Not only that but a huge slice of strawberry cake, steaming cup of coffee and lotsa laughs. In other words, we are a huge comfort to each other! LOL!

Great post!!

Christine said...

Hi Naima, thanks for stopping by! Ain't it the truth? We all need to be there for each other in this crazy business!! But it's usually so much fun, how can we NOT write LOL.

Thanks for being my huge slice of strawberry cake :)

Debbie Kaufman said...

All of this is definite proof that we need to band together as we do. Support is paramount in this solitary profession. It's nice to have other people in the fallout shelter with you!

Christine said...

Hi Debbie! This is so true--I like the analogy of the fallout shelter. It did kind of feel like a bomb exploded in our romance world this week. Thank goodness for the support of our fellow writing comrades!! Best of all, there's always a lot of laughter in our shelter...