Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Part 1

Today I am thankful for the following:

1) my family; their health and their love and their support
2) my friends, near and far for the same
3) sunshine and blue skies in NOVEMBER Hallellujah!
4) music
5) Facebook-for helping me keep in touch with my friends who live in other countries and my friends here in good ol' AL
6) my cats-Mischief is just a funny girl, always a bit quirky. And Clancy is my lovebug--
7) comfy chairs and a roof over my head--how incredibly blessed am I? I am blessed!
8) my health--you don't know how important it is till it is threatened
9) the people talking in my head and telling me their stories-honor to be picked
10) God-for loving me and giving me a purpose in my life and for knowing me before I knew myself and sending me out to the world to be a friend, a mom , a wife, a writer, a person of worth because He loves me and I know Him.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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