Friday, November 20, 2009

Synopsis to Go

I have the best CPs in the world. Seriously, between all of them (well there are only a few... but they feel like many), I am very happy with my current synopsis due to their input. 

(insert here: why pay for this service when we can help each other for free?)

I am getting very close to the end of my second GH ride. Whew. I have 50 pages -- again.......... was going to read aloud. Probably will, but want my synopsis sharp and I want to add 3000 words to the overall MS.... and I want to be finished and have this sent off by Monday afternoon. 

Oh, I do have grand expectations.

But I have a trip to TX on Wed. and I can't revisit this again. I won't -- it's erotic so I'm not holding my breath! BUT I do have a partial ready... woohoo!!!! I am ready to submit!

Now, I am on the home stretch. TG. I am ready!!

Meanwhile, I owe my wonderful CPs my time. And my contests my time. Tomorrow I read an outline, and starting Wed. I read a bunch of contest entries, and two fulls. Woooooottttt! I can't wait to read my CPs stuff cause I am sick of reading mine!


Martha W said...

I hear you on this one. I am tired of editing... but it has to get done and I'm the only one to do it. *sigh*

But like you, my goal is Monday mailing so there is light at the end of the tunnel! lol!

Christine said...

Martha, I hope you get the call from them on March 25th! Woot. And good luck with your submission heading out the door by Monday/Tuesday.

I am taking today off--regrouping and having friends over for din din tonight. Oh. A. Real. Life.

I am looking forward to my trip merely because I'll be reading other peoples' manuscripts and contest entries!!

PS--are you going to Nationals? And did my template help?

Martha W said...

Well... shooting for going to Nationals. I want to in the worst way. So, yeah. I'll make it happen. Just like I made finishing my edits happen today... woohoo!

Okay, my happy dance is over. *grin*

Are you going?

I actually used the one I talked about in my post for the synopsis I just wrote. I want to take some time and go over the one you sent me. I'm going to try it over the holiday and see how it goes... Thank you for sharing!

Christine said...

Martha, I'm going for sure. It's in Nashville and my dream authors are on the podium: Nora Roberts and Jayne Ann Krantz (sp?). I live about 2 hours south of there--no flight costs TG.

I am jealous that you're done your edits! Way to go!!!! I have to finish up today/tomorrow. I'm doing the read aloud right now. Amazing how little syntaxes sound off that read "right." Blah!!! Panting towards the finish line.

It's going to be a LONG DAY.