Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Onward Ho! Goals for the Next Two Days

I am heading out of town on Friday to see a friend in Asheville. While I mourn the loss of my writing time, I am eager to see my friend. Now I need to get my ducks in a row and super focus whenever I have writing time.

Yesterday I cobbled together the entire MS into one document. I have 47,000 words. This means adding at least 8,000 to get it to a decent category length (argh--I had 53,000 before I changed the S/L). I worked out where some scenes had to go in the overall doc, and I started my new synopsis. I did some light editing of the document (hunt, search, find and destroy words like "that" etc.).

Today's goals are:

*continue light edit
*work on layering synopsis details into the synopsis
*add scene ideas to the overall document
*layer in two new scene ideas

I know the overall document doesn't have to be pretty, but I do need to add chapter headings (I took them all out until I figure out the flow again). I'll do that NEXT WEEK. I have 7 days to write, 3 days to read and maybe one more weekend to let the doc sit before I edit again.

I want to send this puppy out the door before we head to TX for Thanksgiving. Ideally, by next week Friday, but if not, Monday/Tuesday the 24th will be close enough.

Don't know when I'll pack for either trip, but I do know I'll be writing!


Gwen Hernandez said...

Good luck! You've made great progress. Good job.

Christine said...

Thanks Gwen. I'm hunkered down at the local Java hut while DD gets her hair highlighted and cut. I promised her mom time after she's done. Synopsis might wait till I have uninterrupted time.

Been researching e pub as well. More on that later...

Back to the mines.