Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Saved the Fun in my Story Today

All right, here is my disclaimer about the spell check--for some reason, when I upgraded my blogger editor, the spell check went to la la land and I have no idea where to find that elusive button. All bizarre words and errors are BLOGSPOT's fault.

Now, to go onto my day.

I am making headway. I am also CUTTING A LOT OF MY PRECIOUS WORDS and it is killing me. And some of them were pretty dang funny. I loved my ARMADILLO line, but for now, it is for my and my CPs' eyes only. Any rate, I have a lot of better stuff, and some not so great stuff, and I am seriously thinking about adding the villain's perspective... ha ha... but I want to establish my dear hero/heroine's relationship and conflict first.

So, the most funny idea came to me today--cause this story was getting way too dark. And I had an epiphany in the shower (a classic Aha Moment place for me), and now my poor hero is really going to be challenged. Seriously challenged. And I am cackling over here... it's too funny.

Best of all, it ups the conflict on all kinds of levels. For both of them. My celibacy advocate has met her dream man and is ready for action, but he's her PI/and professionally it's a big no no. And he has wanted her since high school. Can you imagine how he's going to react when he catches her in her toy reviews? hehe... I am very cruel.

But is the writing any good? Heck no. I have to layer in all the silly senses, the tension, the time and place and setting markers. At least the POV is right and my Inciting incident is correct.

At least if I am supposed to be in Revision Hell, I am going to enjoy the burn.

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