Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One More Sleep!!!

I leave tomorrow--it's about a four hour drive and I am picking my CP up at the train station as well. I can't wait to see her!! And she's a finalist in her category. I am praying she wins. She soooooooo deserves it and I hope she gets a serious bite for publication. She's an amazing writer--I'm lucky to have her in my critique corner.

Calling for TAMIFLU prescription as a precaution, but I refuse to get sick. Absolutely refuse!

Just about ready to be seen in a cocktail dress. Hair's colored, highlighted, and styled. My hairdresser is awesome, and she showed me a quick way to make my hair look MAGGIE Night gorgeous. I'm heading to Icing to get a few sparkly things to put in my hair as well. Chin, upper lip area and brow line are waxed and prettified. Today I get a mani/pedi.

I'm also going to the grocery store to stock up on wine, goodies, and water.

And I'm getting phone numbers inputted into my cell phone. This time, as opposed to Nationals, I will not be caught without them.

My work bag is almost loaded and good to go. I have my business cards ready, with blurbs on the back. I rewrote my pitch for The Fantasy Contract to reflect the changes. I have my index card with people's names on it ready to keep me on track should a miracle occur and I actually win the MAGGIE. Would be awesome, but I'm happy either way. And I have my Presenter intro ready to go as well.

Just have to pack and load up the car. OMG OMG... this is so exciting!!

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