Friday, September 18, 2009

Writing-It's Not Easy, but It's Worth It in the End

Why I write --I get to drool a lot!

I am in major first revision mode. It's a lot of shuffling and shoving of scenes, cutting scenes, pulling hair and, at times, an "aha" moment occurs. Here are some pictures of life in my "writing process." My desk and office area--enter at your own risk. The post-its reflect different thoughts. The papers to the left are the next scene. I am currently working in no particular order. Trying to reset the bones of my story.

Here are some more stacks of scenes. The glop in the middle is the biggest section I need to revise. I changed my hero's career during the first draft while doing my book in a week. I may not be able to salvage much, but I believe bits and pieces will work in this version. I am saving this pile of barf until I move though some easier changes.

*Sigh* my current working collage for the story. Whenever I get stuck, I look at this lovely montage and my engine revs up.

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