Thursday, September 10, 2009

Working & Thinking

I managed to work through my sound homework for the SEX BETWEEN THE PAGES workshop. Good lesson. Big AHA moment. Must pay more attention to the sounds in my life--but I am a visual and kinetic learner. Oh boy--and there's a shock jock in my story!

Met a writing friend and walked today--talked about the pain of revising. It's tough, but worth it and after a bit I do get into the process. It's just the first pass through that is painful. Breaking bones and resetting them into a new "person." But the 3rd and 4th pass will make it worthwhile.

Starting to get excited about the MAGGIES and seeing my CP/dear dear friend.

I am itching to work on the 5th and 2nd book. First the 5th must go into first draft. Then the 2nd must be AACK revised. Fun. Good times ahead.

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