Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two More Sleeps

Yesterday was very productive for me.

I managed to finish my scene cards--check! Five hours of hard labor, but worth the time and effort. I added a few scenes (now I have to write them LOL) and I moved some scenes around. I'm always pleasantly surprised by how shifting my process to long hand writing opens my writing eyes up to new ideas and ways to handle the MS. In doing this exercise, I also managed to find a reasonable scene to work on for my homework. A kiss. And it turned out beautifully. Even got a good comment from the teacher and that made my day.

I also got laundry done. Woohoo.... and dealt with the in-box. Now I am raring to go. I do have a wild card in the stack of to-dos--sprinkler dude is coming out "sometime today" and I had him out yesterday as well. I have a hair appointment at 3PM. Darling daughter comes home from High School at 4PM. I don't want her dealing with a strange man while I am out. All points bulletin has been sent to darling hubby (who arranged this event for today) and he'll have to come home if the dude hasn't shown up by 2:30PM.

I have packing lists, shopping, and the car to tune up. I plan to write as well. I want to keep tweaking the scene cards, add elements to them and play around with my ideas. I need to look at my pitch cards and start my packing lists as well. Today.

Good times!

I can't believe it's almost here... continuing to pray for health.

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