Sunday, September 20, 2009

Juggling Life's Balls

I am getting my act together, but wish I had had a calendar in front of me when I said "yes" to some things this year. Oh well. Lesson learned. Once again, I must learn to staple my fingers to the chair and sit on them before I type the words... "of course" to the "it'll be easy" stuff.

I have learned that I am better at judging contests and reading manuscripts and organizing my writing and writing than I am at any job remotely resembling admin work. Why do I find myself in this pickle? Slap my fingers next time... please... and on top of all this, I have school priorities and volunteering. Why did I say yes to the hospitality crew? Why? Why? Why? It is NOT what I had hoped for.... but I digress.

Sooooo..... before I get to the Maggies and all things cool and wonderful, I have the following to-do list of family and work priorities:

*judging three contest entries/very cool/love doing it
*critiquing an MS for a dear friend and hoping my tight writing style doesn't war too much with a more melodic style.
*family time: that means going to Octoberfest, church (yeah a real one!) and cooking, cleaning, usual chores.... did hubby say he wanted to see me as well? Darn! Oh but he's cute....
*writing time: seriously resetting the MS bones and hoping I have my act somewhat together before M&M
*SEX BETWEEN THE PAGES: reading the lectures (and using them a lot!) and trying to eek out homework answers.
*getting ready for the MOONLIGHT & MAGNOLIAS CONFERENCE--yeah, it included shopping so I hit KOHLS and got some new tops and jewelry for the event. Woot! Sale!
*writing an intro for PUBLISHED MAGGIE AWARD
*practicing pitches for M&M
*more family stuff like writing checks for my DDs events in the near future
*planning a 15th bday party for my DD
*planning a vacation -- we haven't had a real vacation as a family in over a year and NOTHING will stop us from this time of reconnecting and bonding, not even my silly "yes" fingers.
*house ready for birthday for DD
*birthday party for DD
*concert for DD on her bday
*church with DD for her bday and more
*every day life chores (my least favorite being the ongoing battle with the laundry and the bathrooms.... oh and grocery shopping)
*watching a friend's child--making phone calls--catching up on correspondence

That's life in a nutshell for now.

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