Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Monster Revision

Well I am working on the revision. Today I rearranged all the scenes, found where B fit into C spot, and retooled ideas about the original MS... course I wrote the dang thing in a week, set it aside to finish the third MS, reread it before I went to Nationals, agonized about the final polish of third MS after I returned. And NOW? What on earth was I thinking? AAAACCKKK.

I thought I knew what I wanted to say with this story, but it is again taking a life on and a new path. I am cobbling together my monster. But it is a heck of a monster! The core is there. It is there. I keep telling myself that as I struggle to revise, retool it. But it isn't easy. There are papers and scenes in piles all over my office room floor. Seriously, my cats can't even find a path through this madness.

WHAT WAS I THINKING? My original concept is the same. My brain is in overdrive trying to make this fit a certain market, or not, but also incorporate the SEX BETWEEN THE PAGES WORKSHOP. My goodness--so many things to think about... and I am questioning my ability to write now.


Who doesn't?

I am officially peeling myself off the ceiling.

But I do want to pitch this at the M&M Conference. Ha Ha... this is the start of my hysterical laugh.

But I am going to do this... I am I am.

Meanwhile, I continue to make lunch dates, volunteer (cause I am nuts), and pray I can complete my ridiculous goal by the time set by my own standards.

hahahahahahaha-- will do it. will do it...

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