Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Very Distracting Day

First of all, I had GREAT intentions this morning when I got up. I was ready to ROLL. This my disclaimer. I have my first draft neatly bundled into scenes, index cards waiting for ideas, my story bible at my right hand, and my computer turned on.

First distraction: emails about the HOA. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Second distraction: a long walk that should have been positive, but became draining due to the first distraction. I don't want to visit the discussion again. I keep trying to steer it to better, fun topics. But right now it's like trying to take a bone from a pit bull. It ain't happening. I will find a way to get around it, or avoid the walk. Third distraction: doorbell ringing with contractors who want to dig in my yard and move sprinkler heads and lines. Now why can't they CALL FIRST? Argh again. Fifth distraction: a school commitment. I signed up to help at my darling daughter's high school. It's hospitality stuff. Easy right? I think so. I'm already missing the first big shin dig due to my MOONLIGHT & MAGNOLIAS Conference (WOOT!!!!!). So they may fire me -- one can hope.

Despite all the distractions, I managed to work on my revision. I added a scene, worked on the original first scene (now number two), and brainstormed ways to up the ante/tension. Then I read through all my lecture materials for my SEX BETWEEN THE PAGES workshop. Lots of notes made on my index cards for future incorporation into another pass through of the book. Layering layering layering.... I read through my last blog comments and replied, and now I am gearing up to finish reading the rest of my friend's first 45 pages of her first draft revision. Woot!

I managed to get a lot done despite the distractions. It is amazing how much one can do in an hour here, a half an hour there, and a bit of time later at night. Uninterrupted stretches of time don't always occur in this household, but I have learned how to squeeze the most out of the time available.

When we are raising families, wives, school parents, and friends this is vital. One day I may have lots and lots of time, but I tend to do better with a busy full life. It impacts my writing in positive ways (well, except for the HOA stuff--but I know it'll find its way into a book--somehow-- so it's not a total waste of time.


MaryC said...

Congrats on getting so much done, Christine.

I spent so many years squeezing writing in that now when I have time (like summer vacation) I can't sit still for long periods to write. I think I've just got my brain programmed to write under pressure.

Of course now that school's about to start, I'm fired up to write. So, I guess I'll be squeezing it in again.

Christine said...

You know what, I think I accomplish more when I am busy than when I am not. Having a lot on my plate forces me to get organized and prioritize. Sure, some things slip through the cracks, but the big stuff gets done.

I hope you have a great class and wonderful start to the year, Mary.