Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Creative Avoidance 201

Okay, I bagged walking ALL WEEK cause I said I had A DEADLINE. Self imposed, but real. And what did I do day 1? Well...... I read through some articles from RWR, and then I managed to do countless chores, and then I called and arranged for golf lessons, and then I went to the grocery store, and then.....

Well. Not. Good.

But I did get an idea about how to solve a plot problem. And I looked at the ms. And I worried about it.

Hmmm. Not good. Enough.

And then there is the endless loop of injustice about the life in general ....
And then there is my DH happy about the "to do" list being completed....
And then there is I.... not happy with writing, but happy with life goals.

Today was one of those days.... distracting.

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