Monday, September 28, 2009

Three Sleeps till Moonlight & Magnolias

I have only 3 sleeps to wait till I hope in my SUV and drive to Atlanta for the Moonlight and Magnolia's Conference. What I hope to accomplish before I load the car with luggage is not monumental having scaled back on my personal expectations.

First, make my scene cards and hit the revision a scene at a time to reflect my new thoughts about the WIP. I've given up trying to come up with something to submit for the homework in my SEX BETWEEN THE PAGES on-line workshop. There simply isn't time. And I need to focus on the overall MS. I know what I need to do to fix the stages of intimacy, but now I need to get the inner-critic out of my head and just write.

Second, get the car ready for the road. I have a wonderful little place with lovely he-men who take excellent care of me and my truck. I'll go there tomorrow and top off the fluids, make sure the tires have lots of air, and give it the once over. On Tuesday, they run a special for the ladies. Used to be ladies' specials meant drinks with the girlfriends, and, if we were lucky, Chippendale dancers. Now ladies' specials means a tune-up and getting the tires rotated at a discount.

Third, go through the in-box and get my life in order. Temporarily.

Fourth, laundry. No amount of wishing makes that deed go away.

Fifth: hair and nails done.

Sixth: a detailed to-do list regarding the care and keeping of a teenage girl during Homecoming Weekend so that the hubby keeps his head on straight. Now I ask you, why do men need this information when we travel and why do we need nothing? Whether we work outside the home or not, this is a universal problem. We just KNOW what to do. They don't pay attention and assume it's seamless. Ha.

Seventh: organize travel package and travel work bag.

Eighth: make packing lists.

Ninth: pack.

Tenth: get wine and goodies ready for the trip. I may even bring champagne. Even if I don't win the MAGGIE Award, I already feel like a winner. This is a fantastic event and I am seriously looking forward to it!

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