Thursday, October 1, 2009

Driving to Hotlanta for M&M

The big day has arrived and I am awake and ready to go at 4:45AM!!! Argh. I need my rest. But never mind. I'll muddle along and things will be fine. I'll rest up at the hotel after I arrive in Atlanta.

We got yucky news yesterday about Darling Hubby's dad. He had prostrate cancer, but it was contained. The military vet docs said something else would kill him before prostrate cancer would so they had a wait and see attitude. Well, his PSA numbers jumped, and the cancer has spread. If they'd taken care of it two years ago, he'd be fine today.

I am so angry for him!

He's always been a great supporter of my writing. More so than my own parents. Even my dad, who was a good man, flat out told me that it was too late for me to be a writer 7 years ago. Well, I proved him wrong. My mom, well, let's just say that anything I have attempted has been denigrated, and if I do accomplish something (like graduate Summa Cum Laude from university at the top of the Dean's List), I don't really deserve it. I no longer adhere to her opinions one way or another. About the only good thing that comes out of that kind of lousy parenting is great angst and emotion to put into my novels. I'll be churning them out till I'm 102, God willing.

But my DH's Dad is another story. He's always asking about my writing. And bless him, he can't wait to have a copy of my book on his shelf when I am published. Now I doubt he'd read a Contemporary Romance with a lot of sizzle, and I believe he would be scandalized by my sex scenes, but what a darling man for wanting to display my work. He believes it is attainable. And that makes me love him all the more.

Argh. Mad for him again.

So now this weekend takes a sad turn. But it's still going to be a great weekend. I am happy to go to Atlanta and see my friend again. I am excited about the conference and learning more about this crazy industry. And I am looking forward to the big awards night.

If I win this one, I am calling my father-in-law and sharing the good news. But even if I don't, he'll still be cheering me on.


Martha W said...

Let me first just agree with you about Military docs. Wait and see. That's pretty much it. I come from a military family and support the military wholeheartedly but I wish that whatever tied the hands of their medical personnel would disappear.

I am sorry about your FIL. He'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

On a good note -- Good Luck! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you to win!

Martha W said...

Urgh! This cold has muddled my brain-- just noticed the date on your post was Oct 1.

So.... how'd you do?? How about your CP?

Christine said...

Hi Martha,
I'm just coming up for air and heading out again today to the beach with my family.

My CP and I got honorable mentions. I didn't expect to win top place because my book is a BLAZE book, and the top three were American Romance/SuperRomance style books. Just finaling in the MAGGIE is huge. I had three published authors tell me that they never won the MAGGIE, but that the finaling put them in an elite circle.

I was so happy to final. Judges are published authors, the feedback is amazing (I used it last yr. to rework the same book and reenter), and the M&M conference is fabulous. If you get a chance to go, I highly recommend it!