Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm a Bit Numb

I have a to-do list. I do. I do.
My list includes writing my poor derriere off (literally--that chair was not meant for hours of writing), writing some more, and, oh yeah, looking after the household.
So today my list got a little thrown off. But in a good way.
I got a full request from another agent that I queried last week.
Did I send it yet?
I wrote. My goal is 5 chapters (really awful stuff compared the prose I sent to the Maggies) and then I have to revise it revise it revise it revise it... aaahhhh.
I will send in the full tomorrow.
But this is the lesson: I have the full ready for the third MS. It has a lovely synopsis and is ready to roll.
Lesson in all this? ONLY PITCH WHAT IS READY AND WHAT YOU HAVE TO SEND. Do NOT query a book that is not ready.
My third MS is ready.
Sending it off tomorrow. No stress. At least, not unless they want the current POS I am working on LOL.


Martha W. said...

WooHoo! Good for you. I can't wait for the day I can blog those exact words: "I got a full request from another agent that I queried last week."

Congrats on that!

Christine said...

Thanks Martha. I am happy with the fast response. We'll see how it goes. I don't know how many MSs you have ready to roll, but if you have them, go for it. That's the main reason I enter the GH. I want a full MS, synopsis, and query ready to ping out the door. My CPs advice is spot on. By having the overall work done, it's only a matter of tweaking the query/synopsis for submitting.

Martha W said...

I'm almost there with one, about half way done polishing then I have to work on the synopsis. Query is done so ahead a little in that regard.

Of course, there are two more in the works with 3 other ideas waiting their turn... :)

Christine said...

Martha, I don't know how involved your plots are--paranormal is not what I write-- but I do have a pretty good synopsis outline that has saved my life. It's very helpful with getting the main points down. I bow to the author in my Heart of Dixie Chapter for coming up with it. I you want me, email me directly... I'll send it to you.