Thursday, October 22, 2009

The First Five Chapters are in Critique Land

The first five chapters have had a reasonable pass through. Now I am honing them down and whittling them into shape for the GOLDEN HEART. I know this one probably won't final, but I need a partial, so here I am.

I have 68 pages. At page 49, there is a good stopping point. So I'll probably send in the first 49 pages. I sent out the entire POS to some readers/CPs to get it torn into and ripped apart. I hope to hear back from them by Monday.

Now I have to work on the dreaded synopsis. I have a pretty good format from Kira Sinclair, so I'll use that and the pitch cards I used for M&M. I should have a reasonable one to send out by the end of next week. Meanwhile, do I go forward in the MS when I complete the first draft of the synopsis?

I probably will just to get the writing rolling in the proper direction. The entire goal this year is to get faster, be more productive, and keep moving forward. I'll ready through the kit and kaboodle myself this afternoon. After a bit of a break. Then tomorrow, I'll continue writing the MS and move on till Monday.

Hopefully a few readers will have read the mess and gotten back to me by then. If they even have time. We're all so busy. If not, I must go on and finish this. I actually would love to send this off the week BEFORE we leave for TX. I honestly don't want this hanging over my head while I am getting ready to travel. And that will be quite a trip.... believe me. I haven't seen the OUTLAWS in 7 years. And with good reason.

Now I have to and I will need more wine than I need for PPP after a rejection letter. Valium might come in handy as well.

Meanwhile, a part of me wishes I had NOT entered this POS in the GH because it's going to cost me around 100 dollars to not final in the contest. It was 50 dollars just to enter. And then another 5o bucks on postage and copying. But it is a good goal. So I pay 100 dollars to make a goal.

Oh well.

The irony would be to final with both! Hahaha... as if.

I'm glad I got to this point so fast. I have to go shop for a chair with DH, and get more stuff for my DD's birthday party. I had to reschedule it due to the PIG PLAGUE ruining her party a month ago.

Any rate, I feel less stressed now that the first pass through has occurred. I have a bit of breathing space. And I have time to work on the synopsis which is highly necessary.

The train continues to move along the tracks....


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Sweetie,

Just stopping in to say hi and let you know I enjoyed your blog - I feel the same way - so I can really relate to this article!


Christine said...

Hi Hawk--do you feel the same way about the costs of the contest or the dreaded synopsis (which is easier now that I have a good outline to work from)?

How are things over in FL? Are you back from visiting your sister?