Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ideas for the Future

It's been a lovely vacation. I'm very relaxed. In fact, I am pain free. For me, that is very unusual. But tomorrow, we head back to reality. And reality will have a lot on its plate tomorrow. First there is the inevitable packing up and driving home. Then there is the inevitable piles of laundry and getting back into the "school/work/writing" mode.

I'm looking forward to writing.

I am NOT looking forward to laundry.

Tuesday will be a laundry and a writing day. I'm pulling together my first entry for the GH. Easy enough to do as it's pretty much done and it forces me out of the house.

I am also pondering the things I plan to do with this blog when I return.


*Wacky Wednesdays: words, synonyms, writing conundrums, and more
*ask a PRO
*ask a writer
*motivational moments
*promoting newly published authors

Just tossing around ideas in my head and out to the readers (I figure there are more readers than commentators).

The main goal is promote the art of writing from a published and unpublished perspective.

Stay tuned.


Martha W said...

Hope the GH submission is moving along nicely. I know mine is about 1/3 polished... thank goodness we have a few more weeks! :)

Also, you know we would have to worry about you if the laundry/writing thing were switched!

Glad you had a stellar vacation.

Christine said...

Hi Martha, I am pulling it all together today. And cleaning my office. I got a very nice rejection letter yesterday--editor found my writing very compelling but the book reads more like ROMANTIC COMEDY than SEXY SIZZLE (well the first three chapters do anyway LOL). I had a wee personal pity party, but now it's back to work. Got to land an agent...