Sunday, October 25, 2009

Goals and Disruptions

Goals for the week:

*continue moving forward in the WIP while I wait for my first five chapters to return.
*layer more into the synopsis for the GH
*work on the first five chapters once I receive feedback
*keep up daily blog
*read through my CP's first ten pages of her YA concept

Known Disruptions to my routine and goals include:

*dentist on Tuesday
*hospitality group for DD's HS Wednesday afternoon (really want to quit-and might)
*joint doctor on Friday with DH to learn about his hip replacement (stay tuned--good times for sure for this caregiver)
*send back ALPHASMART to the seller--getting my money back TG
*the usual ferrying of DD to all her venues

The usual unknown abyss of issues that may arise and how all that will impact my writing remains--unknown.

How to deal with the disruptions?

*bring laptop or CP feedback to the dentist/doctor and read/work while waiting.......waiting..... waiting
*be flexible about when and where I write
*even if I don't have an hour, I might have twenty minutes. Use them wisely

Time suckers to avoid at all costs:

*the phone--only calling when walking and exercising
*the forums--must not get embroiled in negative feedback loops


*ear buds are a wonderful invention. When they are in, the rest of the world is muffled
*the microwave timer set for 60-65 minute intervals
*changing location of my writing nest--if the walls start closing in on me and I get tempted to head to the forum pit, I am moving to another room or another venue like my favorite coffee shop

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