Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Moving Past a Lovely Rejection

Dear Writer--your writing voice is very compelling, but your tone is more like romantic comedy, not a spicy read (if only I could have sent one sex scene--say I). And now the beat begins--what to do when the rejection isn't about the writing, but the tone being wrong for the line I specifically targeted?

*First, I call my CPs who encourage me to zip the puppy out and query it to at least 6 other agents--the writing is strong--let an agent find a home for it. Fish for an agent... okie doke.
*Second, plan on the GH submission for said novel. Perhaps if it finals, more interest will be generated in it
*Third, throw a personal pity party complete with 80s music and red wine
*Fourth, wake up super early and hit the office hard
*Fifth, make a plan of action for the next 6 weeks
*Sixth, throw off the mantle of disappointment and remind myself that many very successful authors have suitcases full of rejections
*Seventh, develop a plan to make my blog more exciting (stay tuned)
*Eight, make time to read a writing friend's MS
*Ninth, remind myself that I am in the water, the waves will find me and carry me to where I belong with my writing. I am NOT chasing trends. I must continue to search for the elusive, "something more."
*Tenth, make time to send notes/emails out to the wonderful GRWA people and new friends I met at the MAGGIES/M&M conference

It is time to crack my mental whip and get rolling.


M.V.Freeman said...

I SO Totally understand, and I LOVE your goals.

YOu are an AMAZING writer, and funny, and I like that.

I just wish I could set goals as well as you...all I see is: Pro, pro, pro...then write, write, write, revise, revise revise. Oh and throw in a few critiques now and then...LOL...and the beat goes on.

You WILL do this, I know you will. :)
Keep on writing...

Christine said...

I am staying true to my writing and not worrying about what is in right now with the line I am targeting. Right now it's all these vets and warriors and army/navy/marines/etc. I've got one of those stories around the corner, waiting to be revised, but it's not the story I am currently on. So why worry? I will get them all written and they will all have their own strengths and weaknesses. I'm glad I was at M&M--after I heard Sherrilyn Kenyon speak and say she'd never chase a trend again and then she wrote HER books--and look where she is today. One day one day...

The thing is, right now, I'd think during this day and age, people would want more funny in with their stories... but that's just me. I don't even think there is a romantic comedy line anymore. But my story isn't just funny. There's a lot of emotion layered in. It just happens later.

Oh well-

M.V.Freeman said...

See, it makes your stories good.

I just found a YA contest...perfect for my next story.

LOL, Yes, yes, I'll finish this one first.

I agree about trends...bleh. Just write what you want! :-)


Christine said...

There is always room for improvement....
working working and you need to focus focus on the revision...

PRO time!