Saturday, October 24, 2009


Ah, my long awaited Alphasmart arrived yesterday. With great excitement I opened it and drew it out of the box only to discover the cord didn't work with my beautiful MAC book. Now that was okay, I'd just use it with my DHs HP laptop, right?


First I went to the MAC Resource store to see if they had a cable to use with my used ALPHASMART.

I think it was all they could do not to laugh when I whipped out my handy dandy used ALPHASMART.

Apparently it is an ANTIQUE!! They don't even make cables for it anymore

It was advertised as "almost like new" machine. Huh?

Well, I was miffed, but still undaunted. I came home, typed on the clunky keyboard, ever optimistic and tried to plug it into my DH's laptop. A PC.

Nope. Didn't work. Nothing connected.

I am now officially beyond miffed. I refuse to work any longer trying to use this ridiculous antique that I thought I had saved money (smart me???? not). I emailed the seller and asked how to return it and get my money back.

But now what? I had such high hopes. But I refuse to spend over $200 on a machine that might increase my productivity while I am sitting in the car at a red light cursing the traffic.

I decided it was a cheap lesson (well not so cheap for me, but cheaper than buying a new one) and I really don't need it. I'll read other MS contest entries and haul my lovely MAC out to write if I feel like it. I do prefer the long hand, fix it way anyway method for first draft ideas.

Oh well... this just teaches me not to buy a used KINDLE.


marthawarner said...

I actually thought about buying one of those just to keep me off the internet when I should be writing... kinda ironic really. Since I have to go to the internet site to buy it. *grin*

Still can't decide if I want one. :P

Christine said...

The little one I am sending back had a super clunky keyboard and was very hard to type on--I'm spoiled with my MACbook's keyboard. But I loved the fact that it was so durable and you weren't tempted to play on the Internet. Unfortunately, it was totally outdated. And I can't justify the 200 dollars plus on a new one.

I have two friends who swear by them, but when I quizzed one, she said she uses it mainly for first draft/scenes that come to mind when she is out and about, and I don't know how useful that would be to me. I love to cut and past and shift on my laptop--and there is something about longhand writing that releases creativity in a different way.

The good news is the person is refunding my money. I am sending it back this week. I thought a lot about it AGAIN and decided I will just babysit my laptop when I am out and about, and reconsider the ALPHASMART as a potential writing tool in 2010.

Martha W said...

I relegated it to my future purchases too, since I have a laptop as well. It is on my "when my book sells and I get paid" list. I'm being optimistic... *grin*

Christine said...

Sounds like my strategy, too, Martha--along with trips to the coast and more LOL. One can dream.