Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Writing Takes a Back Seat

Well it's official: life is hijacking me. Actually it needs to. We have a trip to plan and we're leaving in 9 days. The house is still a mess--not cluttered but needs cleaning. And my DD needs me to drive her all over the place. Between the lists for the trip and the after school activities, I barely have time to breath. Of course, I would have done this last week.... but.... oh well.

I have been reading about PRO and agents and publishing and editors' letters to authors and it is all sooooo disheartening. I feel like such a novice even though I've got 4 books written, tons of good contest results, and a sense of my writing voice. But when I see people with blogs and websites and published novels in their signatures, I feel soooo inadequate. This has got to be my year to break through--I keep telling myself it is, but what if I really do stink? What if my stories never resonate with anyone in the publishing business? I keep getting stories, but will they ever be good enough to make it through the slush pile? And will I ever have the perfect query, the perfect letter, the perfect synopsis, the perfect first three chapters?????

God this is a frustrating business. I am glad I procrastinated on getting the PRO pin. Which, by the way, hasn't arrived! ARGH.

My original plans for this time were to revise the third book a bit more. But instead, I find that I have so little time to commit to it, that I need to just kick back, print out what I have from a critique buddy, read about the business and start thinking about querying when I get back. I need to get my PRO stuff organized and my plan for attacking the publishers and agents and editors worked on before I go forward. When I get back, I will finish the stupid billionth revision (it is NEVER done), and then I will query it.

I just wish I could final in the Golden Heart. It would make me feel like I had accomplished SOMETHING that would get me closer to getting published. But I don't hold out much hope for it after reading the LHAoE contest judges' comments about the infamous KISS scene and the editors' letters about how they decide to accept or reject.


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