Monday, March 9, 2009

Climbing Mountains

Well I have a song on the radio that pretty much says it all. Not sure about the title, and definitely not sure about the singer as it is Mylie Cyrus and she's not the best singer in the fruit bowl, but I am sure about the lyrics. It's a great song given to a mediocre singer and it encompasses all I think about when it comes to writing:

There is always another mountain to climb...

No matter where we are in our careers or on this journey, we will always have mountains standing in our way. We will always have boulders in our path blocking our passage, and we will always have rivers to navigate to get to the other side. The trick is--doing it. Doing it in spite of the worry, the fear, the doubts, the concerns, the possibility of failing. The trick is to do it. To believe that the mountain can be climbed, the boulder can be moved out of the way, and the river can be navigated safely.

The courage to face the fear and do it anyway is not in all of us. But it is in some of us. And even that courage doesn't mean success. Not outwardly. But it does mean success within. The knowledge of one's fortitude is success. How many times did Rocky get hit? How many times did we fight any enemy nation and think we'd lose? But we did it anyway. We performed.

The trick is to keep working and performing despite the obstacles in our way. And the trick is to keep working and performing even when no one comes to watch the show.

And that is the hardest lesson to learn. When we have only an audience of one, we still have to perform.

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