Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The War Between What Must be Done and What I Want to Do

Well I've put off so much over the past two weeks that this week will be less about writing and revising and more about to-do lists and catching up. Typically I do that right after a major project is finished, but last week I had a guest and was busy driving all over the southeast sight seeing and going out for lunch and entertaining and doing my mother/wife duties at night. Now I am just coming up for air and in the flurry of activity I have found:

*daughter with rash
*oops, it is picture week
*one million items on my to-do list for the big vacation in less than two weeks
*cleaning up a huge post visit mess
*filling out immigration and eligibility paperwork
*science fair chaperone
*returning items to the store
*grocery shopping
*mounds and mounds of laundry I don't normally have
*returning phone calls to long lost friends and neighbors
*and a mega sore shoulder causing me endless amounts of pain

Somehow, during this week, I must squeeze a little out for the writing. Even if all I do is organize my PRO status workbook, my BIAW notes, and send off my MS to my critique buddy, I'll be happy. Oh, and it would be nice to read an RWA report. Haven't done that in ages.

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