Friday, March 13, 2009

Taking a Lovely Break

I am off to Orlando and Disney World with my family today. I can't wait to have a real holiday. We have gone on little breaks, but nothing major since we saw our wonderful friends in the Netherlands nearly two years ago. We're all tired and ready for a long, well-deserved break away from school, moving, writing, and work.

I might blog while I am gone, but other than that, the only writing I'll be thinking about is protecting my memory stick. I am bringing it, but not my computer, on the road with me. If I feel the need to check in and write something or FB, I'll use DH's. Some people like to blog about their vacations, but I just want to savor each and every moment without worrying about what I'll say about it later.

And I know when I come back, I'll be refreshed and ready to hit the final run through on the third MS. I'm polishing it for the GH should I ... hahahha... final. And if I don't final (highly likely it's door number two), then I'll have something better to query. That's got to happen before I tackle the fourth book in revision.

A break, a long one, and then back in the writing saddle again.

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